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Low order thinking vs High order thinking

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Benedict Bloom, together with a team of educational psychologists came up with a study detailing that 95% of test items in schools measure low order thinking. That was in 1965. He and his team suggested other domain of learning for assessment, now commonly referred to as Blooms Taxonomy.

  1. Knowledge
  2. Comprehension
  3. Application
  4. Analysis
  5. Synthesis
  6. Evaluation
Along with each category are action verbs that teachers may use as guide to determine what students can learn.
I use this mnemonic to easily memorize these six levels: Karen Cooks Adobo and Asado Saturday Evenings.

Update to Bloom’s Taxonomy
Recently though, Bloom’s Taxonomy has been updated. Some educational resources will give different levels which is:

  1. Remember
  2. Understand
  3. Apply
  4. Analyze
  5. Evaluate
  6. Create

I came up with this mnemonic to help me remember this: Ruth Uses Apples and Almonds Every Christmas.


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