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Let’s learn about: Numeric Limiting Adjectives

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Adjectives of number point out how many persons, animals, things, etc are meant.
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Limiting adjectives. Write an appropriate limiting number adjective to complete the sentence. Limiting number adjectives tell how many persons, animals, or things are talked about.

1. I drank ______________________________ cups of juice.
2. Our dog Sunny eats ______________________________ yummy pieces of chicken.
3. My nanny loves to order ______________________________ cheap meals from McDonald’s.
4. My bestfriend Arkin needs ______________________________ yellow pencils for school.
5. Buzz Aldrin has ______________________________ older siblings he love so much.
6. My mother wants to earn ______________________________ cold cash.
7. I will give my Daddy ______________________________ new gadgets for Christmas.
8. Cree has ______________________________ new cars.
9. The ______________________________ boy in our class to arrive is Mikel.
10. ______________________________ teachers from our school were absent today.

Drawn a line from column A with column B.
A                                                   B
11. Give me

a. 97% in Math.
12. My seatmate scored

b. two burger steak please.
13. Order me

c. four pants for me.
14. My grandmother bought

d. second in the family.
15. I was born

e. one pencil please.

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